Hows Your Rig?!

Owning a Hummer H1 or HMMWV is a unique experience. Here at PHR, we understand your truck's needs and how to keep things in order. The next time you're ready to hit the trails or take a road trip, your truck will be too. 


Hummer H2 - Yeah, we do that too!

Dont let the GM history fool you, The H2 is a surprisingly capable machine when properly maintained. A great platform for family adventuring or hardcore off-road. Contact us about our Refresh and Upgrade packages to make your H2 the machine it deserves to be. 


New to Hummer?

New ownership can be intimidating, understanding your trucks "normal" behaviors and what to watch for can help prevent you costly repairs. Starting off with your truck in proper operating condition is the best thing to maintain an enjoyable experience. Feel free to reach out and ask any questions. Use the contact us page or send a line. We are always ready